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Canvas Painting!

We provide everything you need to create your own canvas creation!


Bring your inspiration, OR take a look at our book of ideas. We have canvas available in a variety of sizes for you to purchase.  We stock a variety of acrylic colors for you to use on your canvas.

We provide all brushes, paint and tools needed to make your project. Your canvas creation can go home with you the same day!

  • Suitable for kids ages 5 and up (dress for art! canvas paint is not washable!)

  • Easy, walk-in projects available

  • Our staff will show you how to trace or plan out your design

  • We will give you tips on creating and finishing your project




NEW!  A-Door-able Wood Door Hangers!

Similar to convas painting, use all of our same supplies to create on mdf cut-outs in various trendy shapes and styles!  Projects go home with you the same day!  Lots of cut-out choices and the designs possibilites are unlimited! 





       Welcome signs, monograms, and more!

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