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We put the FUN in FUNdraising!

Looking for a creative new fundraiser to boost your non-profit budget?

The Pottery Patch has the perfect opportunity for your school,

PTA/PTSA, sorority, youth group, charity, or non-profit organization!

View our FUNdraiser Flyer HERE!


Pottery Painting Events!

Try something new for your FUNdraising events! 

Our pottery painting events offer a unique and creative way of to bring your group together for FUN and FUNdraising!
The Pottery Patch can supply a tile painting booth which is fun for all ages and profitable. Paint tiles, mugs, plates, or even holiday ornaments! The Pottery Patch will sell you the projects, paints, and glaze and fire at a discounted price.  Your organizaiton can sell them to donors, sponsors, and painters, at a mark up of your choice.  F
or example, we sell your group a tile for $10, your group can offer a $15 tile and keep $5 per tile profit! 

The numbers really add up!

Tile Murals


Tile Walls and Murals make fabulous public art projects! 

What a creative way to leave a legacy and beautify your campus, facility, office, or place of worship.  The Pottery Patch will sell your group the tiles, paint, glazing and firing at a discounted price and you can sell them to donors, school members, families,

and alumni at a mark up of your choice. 

 Be sure to check out our completed projects at Buckhorn Elementary, Fishhawk Creek Elementary, Cimino Elementary,

Bing Elementary, Nelson Elementary, Bell Shoals Baptist Academy, Kids R Kids Valrico, and Randall Middle School...

just to name a few!

Auction Masterpieces

Silent Auction Masterpieces...

Have a class turn their thumbprints into creatures or

their handprints into works of art!  

Get your group to get creative...with our help if needed...and

paint items for silent auctions! 

We have all the creative tools to assist you...whether you choose to paint it yourself or have our custom artist add the artwork and finishing touches to help your group earn the "Big Bucks"! 

These projects are the keepsakes and legacies of a closs!    

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