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Glass Fusing!

Glass fusing is the process of using the high heat of a kiln to melt two or more pieces of glass together.  Fused glass creations can be molded into plaques, plates, dishes, vases, and more!

   1. Choose the base piece!

     We offer 3"-10" squares, circles, and rectangles.  

     The base colors of your piece can be black,

     white, or clear.


   2. Create your design! 

      Frame the outer edges of your base, fill it with

      your design in the center!

   3. Glue it! 

      This is where the pieces of glass will stay 

      once fused.

   4. We fire it!

      All projects are fused into a flat shape.  If you

      would like to mold project into a vase or dish,

      it requires an additional firing fee of $6.

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